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Been a long time since I've been on here......... I remember why I've left....... Back for a new start? Maybe
Gah! Ok this is just something to get let out... No one needs to read, nor I doubt want to....
Anyways, I hate my life! This year especially! From my Senior year to Now! So much stress and depression and pain has taken over my life! I swear, I'm going to go fucking insane!!! This is all shit! I'm fucking judged by my own SUPPOSE TO BE Boyfriend and ruins my damn mind, that I start thinking of some deep dark fucked up shit! I have been depressed since... A passing in my life... And I have not been the same since... There are rumors now in my school (thank god graduated!!!) that I'm the fucking psycho devil!!! I mean... Really man? Really? I can't always help myself that I go nuts! Yes I know I'm making Fucking Excuses! But for shit their real! I have ADHD and I go nuts sometimes! NOT MY GOD DAMN FUCKING ASS SHITTING FAULT!!!!!!!!  People just don't fucking try to ACCEPT! I was protected by my father, that I never went out in life and, LIVED! I'm fucking anti social! NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!! I try... I do try... It's just so hard now, since I messed up so much in the past now... I just want people happy, and I want people to accept, and be proud of me! It's just.... RAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! So frustrating!!! I can't even! I HATE life! I hate judging people and I hate MYSELF!!!! I just.... I just can't.... At some point in my life, I'm going to destroy myself completely!.. I'm so tired.......... I just...... I just want it all to stop.... Please.... Sigh... If anyone reads this... Please like if you support and agree with me...
I'm gonna go now...

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